The Stranger

Originally posted on The Complexity of Art:
? What started off as a peaceful protest had quickly turned into a violent riot. The crowd roared as chaos swallowed the street. Some people stood by gawking without so much as a helping hand. Others continued on participating in the madness as if nothing had happened. Glass…

An Open Letter

WARNING!!! CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE!!!!!!   This is a letter… It’s personal. It’s from a perspective and holds opinions of someone who is in a very emotional place. It’s honest and raw. They wrote this for a reason… If we don’t know this person, we really can’t know for sure what that reason is so we […]

Standing On Common Ground

After some thought and so many questions running through my mind, I decided to take steps to put them together and make them mean something. I’m calling this project #StandingOnCommonGround. The purpose of this project is the bridge the gap between people from as many walks of life as I possibly can, help those who […]

Lahren Logic

I’ve just finished watching Tomi Lahren’s interview on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah……  my my my how misinformed this woman is….. I’ll tackle the task of talking you through the 14 min long video posted today on YouTube that already has over 90,000 views in a few hours and will probably have well over 200,000 […]

Clarify and Classify

With the advent of the internet, words have become almost as valuable as gold. An entire lifestyle can be formed or an empire can collapse with the correct or incorrect word placement. Context seems irrelevant. Assumptions trite. So much can happen when words are flaunted. For example, something as simple as a fact can become […]

How to Love

One of the most difficult and excruciating experiences in life is love..but what is love? What is it to be loved? What is it to show love? It is a lifelong process to answer these questions and that many seek without even realizing that it’s what they truly yearn for. How we love is such […]