The Taste is Back!

It’s that time of the year in the Windy City when Chicago dishes out great food along with great entertainment. Its the Taste of Chicago. This 4 day event is one of the largest and most popular gatherings of an assortment of restaurants from all over the Chicagoland area.

This is the 36th annual Taste Of Chicago, an event that was originally a 10 day event, now condensed down to 5 days by their new host Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events. along with the reduction in days is the reduction in booths from 70 to 36. Another change that was made to improve attendance is change of dates from before the 4th of July to after. While the many changes are topics of displeasure and discussion, it doesn’t change the impact this festival has had on the world. It has caused dozens of spin-off events throughout the US, helped artists maintain or even gain exposure, and left years and years of great memories for all who participate.


Even with the changes over time the Taste is a great event to attend for all ages. For example this year’s performer line up covers a wide variety:

Taste lineup
The Chicago Classics still remain. Here is a guide of Top 5(In no order) must visit booths if your headed down to Grant Park:

Eli’s – A perfect dessert for the hot Chicago summer, Eli’s Cheesecake is always a great first stop. the thick yummy cheesecake is sure to be one of your all time favorites and little to no mess in the heat. You have a choice of plain, strawberry, key lime, Oreo, Chocalate Chip and turtle flavors

Robinsons” – Robinson’s #1 Ribs has a great location right in the heart of downtown. You can’t help but follow the smell of the Grilled BBQ’d meat that falls right off the bone and on your plate as a sandwich. Not many other places have ribs as good as theirs.

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria – One of the Staples of Chicago foods, Lou Malnati has made a name for themselves in the place to be for pizza with their soft, buttery crust, and saucy pies. They are not only great tasting but also affordable and expanding all over now with over 9 locations in chicago and chicago suburbs.

Connies – Connies has become an icon of the Taste. If you don’t get anything else at the Taste, you get Connie’s pizza. Trust me it’s worth the wait in the ridiculously long lines.

href=”” target=”_blank”>Chicago’s Dog House – For the food adventurer in you this is somewhere you must go for their alligator, rabbit, and rattlesnake sausage. Yes its real. and Yes its good.


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