The Next Big Thing: Pokemon GO!

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It’s here and it’s taking over!

Pokemon Go is everywhere, people are loving it, and the Nostalgia is real. Millions of people are downloading the Free game and walking real life routes and Victory roads, trying to Catch’Em All.
Pokemon, which first aired in The US September 8, 1998, is about a young man by the name of Ash Ketchum, who is looking to start his adventure to become the world’s greatest Pokemon trainer. Pokemon Trainers Catch Pokemon who are in the wild, with Pokemon Balls (Known as PokeBalls) for short. Pokeballs are special devices that house the Pokemon in a Pocket sized ball until the trainer is ready to release them. So Pokemon is actual short for POcKEt MONsters.

Little does ASH know his adventure gets off to a shocking start when he meets his first Pokemon, Pikachu, whom is very reluctant to remain in his Poke ball.
After some growing pains, Ash allows Pikachu to walk freely, trusting that when the time came Pikachu would be there ready to fight. They become best friends and take on the 8 gym leaders throughout the region and are joined by two of them who become travel companions, Misty a water Pokemon trainer and Brock, a ground and rock Pokemon trainer. Together they help Ash along the long path to reach Victory Road and a chance to compete to be crowned the Best Pokemon.

Along with the huge boom in popularity of the show, came the FIRST series of games: Pokemon: RED, BLUE, and YELLOW. these games were a third person, role play version where the player traveled around the fictional land of Kanto.
Doing exactly what Ash was doing and Trying to Catch ‘Em all! Needless to say, this game has drained millions of AA and AAA batteries on Gameboy systems because it was extremely addictive. Kids could play for endless hours, anywhere and anytime. Many other versions have come out but none have matched the excitement and challenge that the first three brought.

And Now, The game developers have taken it a step further with Pokemon GO. Instead of being confided to a static adventure, players can now travel around the world collecting Pokemon right on their mobile devices. Once the app is downloaded and a profile is created, players can choose one of three factions, receive notifications of Pokemon in their area, meet other “Poke Trainers” and so much more.


One of the great things about this game is that kids and probably a ridiculous number of adults(myself included), are forced to get up and move to really take advantage of all the game has to offer. Also you get to meet a wide variety of people who share a love for the franchise that was apart of almost every 90s kid’s life and also share in the experience with a younger generation. There are a lot of kinks to work out of course but Pokemon GO has Changed the game for the better!

Check out the Pokemon Quiz

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