The History of the Chicago Falcons

Over the last 30 years, Semi-pro football has grown into one of the most popular alternatives for athletes young and old to continue doing something they love to do. Creating memories and moments that most others will never know of, but mean the world to the people who were there to see it. Among the hundreds of teams that have come through Chicago alone, There is one that stands out among the rest.

falcon territory

The Chicago Falcons are the longest standing team in the City of Chicago and this longevity can be attributed to one Word. one name: ROB. Thomas Robinson, better known as Coach Rob, has been a coach and educator for over 40 years. He became the principal at Ella Flagg Young Elementary School and the head coach at Orr High School On Chicago’s West side. Then, in 1990 decided along with his coach Armin Covington to start the Chicago Falcons semi pro team. Together over the years they have invested countless hours, and well over $250,000 into their team, players, assistants, and community. And they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Going into their 29th season, The Chicago Falcons have grown from a rag tag group of young brash athletes, into an organization with a rich history and culture that is unmatched. There have been guys whom have gotten out of the street life, started businesses together, had professional football careers, inducted not only into the Chicago Falcons Hall of Fame, but also the American Football Association Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, movie credits and commercials, returned to and finished school, and have become coaches all over the Chicagoland area.

The Chicago Falcons from 1990 and 2016
The Chicago Falcons
from 1990 and 2016

The Impact of The Chicago Falcons will be felt long after all the wounds heals, children become adults, and players grown old. Like their saying goes, Once you’re a Falcon, You’re a Falcon for Life.


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