In the moment

It is in our most challenging, fatigued, and crucial moments where we truly discover who we are. When you’re entire being feels as if it has been bleed dry of restraint, strength, and wilwell. l power. You’ve given everything. The struggle feels interminable. The successes never last long and rarely satisfying and enjoyed long enough before another drawback presents itself.

By that’s what I have come to realize in my short time on this planet. Those drawbacks are set ups for comebacks. As the problems are settle one by one, like a hunter lining up his prey, the number of paths dwindle. The tolerance for error thins. The shot has to count. If you miss you don’t eat, you don’t eat, you don’t live.

That’s what it takes to be a king of the wild and uncontrollable. To tame the beast within. Be very careful what you feast on, daily. Not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. Be mindful of your choices. Use your gift wisely. You’ve been bless with a brain to think your way out of your emotionally states. Live in the moment don’t be it’s victim.


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