What is white priveldge?

Through my experiences in trying to educate mostly fair skinned individuals, one of several questions comes up. What exactly is white privilege? To assist those I came up with this list of things that people who lack color (by definition, but not by expressions) are benefitted with simple because of where they come from.

White privilege
/(h)wīt/ priv(ə)lij/

Not having to ever worry about being the first to _______.

Can very easily find someone or a group that looks like you, who has done something you want to do. They can help with info, resources, networks, job opportunities, etc.

Afforded things black people have been denied. Not having to learn things from trial and error as often as black people.

Family trees that go back across the water.

Having more of a choice about where you live.

High society cocaine apartment vs. Crack house

Having the means and know how if how to leave the country you don’t like

Lack of necessity for specificity (majorities don’t need to do that)

Variety of lineage. I.e. Italian, Russian, French, Slovak, etc. Vs black or African American. And west east north south side of _________

Generally smile more

Focused on living life to fullest and not on how to make it to the next day.

Can talk to police freely because you can always call your lawyer

Somewhat lighter sentencing when committing crimes

Can afford to play a much wider variety of sports

Fewer stop and frisks

More “have a nice day” from police

Books with all the pages

Proper Classroom sizes

More variety of educational opportunities

Comfort in the safety of your home

The feeling of you can say what you want as if it is law and that people must listen.

People do not look at you like this

People do not clutch their purses or cross the street when they see you.

Food variety vs food that’s affordable

If you made it to the bottom of this list, congrats! Understand this is not all white people or all black people. But ask yourself and your friends about some of these topics. See what kind of answers you get. Im not going to throw out numbers or stats because you can make numbers mean anything really. So listen to what people have experienced. Talk to different people to expand your people pallet.


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