The “What Ifs”

Too often, people forget or bury the past. Ignorance has become the new common sense. My my, How they forget. The torture that took place. The crimes that were committed that will never be served the proper justice; and these were crimes. Destruction of property at the time because you couldn’t call it murder, yet still so many lives were effectively ended; Intently, pupurposefully. Their suffering, screams, moans, and groans were ignored for the greater good and more important things. Oh sorry. except for the “chosen” few(The house niggas I think they called them). This is so much like how voices of the rioters and protesters are treated today.”Think about the bigger picture” they say. “All lives matter” “blue lives matter”…. are we not apart of that? Because I was told if I don’t like it here, I can just leave…like it’s that easy for them but they don’t realize it ain’t that easy for me. Plus, I don’t know how I got here in the first place. Are we still seperate yet equal? I don’t remember those days but I have heard the stories and seen the pictures. Not much has changed…

Equal means balance. Means cause and effect. People were denied. People were killed. Yet some think “we should get over it”. We should be happy we don’t have to live like that anymore. How can you tell me how I should feel about what I still have left, when I’m looking back at what was taken from me? Priceless=Life. There are no amount of reparations, there are no buildings or monuments, there are no words that can replace life, family, tradition, love and legacy.

In reference to my title, I will ask simple questions. Give yourself honest answers first.. Really think before you speak.

Who would Marcus Garvey, Harriet Truman, Frederick Dxouglass, Sojurner Truth, Maya Angelou, Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther King Jr., and Rosa Parks all be if they didn’t have to fight for equality?

How can young black boys(plural) be astronauts, if his school only has bare minimum ducation and moms and/or dad makes minimum wage?

How can black parent save money for retirement, but has to bury a child?

If gang members actually had the confidence, support, and resources to succeed would they live their dreams?

If black girls saw more black women with their natural hair would they need weave to emulate European beauty standards?

These are some of the real life questions that make black people riot, protest and fight for real equality. We see our kids who are so bright become overcome. We see so many of our kids become victims of the environment and despite all of our efforts most don’t make it to see their true potential. So all we are left with is talking about and imagining the what ifs.


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