Who’s to Blame?


The argument of whether black lives matter, all lives matter, black lives matter less, all lives matter more, will go forever. It is a matter of opinion. One of the many things I’ve learned over the course of my interactions, Opinions don’t matter. They hold only the weight of what you put on them, expect them to hold, and have as much or as little gravity as your attention and focus allow. Well what about facts Chris? There are this many black on black crimes, this many blacks this and black that, there are this many white officers this, there are this many white people who that, etc. Again. Matters of opinion Why you say? If you bring in statistics and numbers:

1. Numbers don’t lie, but people do. If I polled a group of people in a limited range I can make the numbers say whatever I want. Also, national statistics are based on what’s REPORTED and RECORDED, and it still has that unknown; the human element. At some point, those stats could be compromised.

2.They have to be relevant and meaningful and make a point that drives the discussion forward. Too often, people list these statistics like it’s the end all be all. Your disconnected and discounting the human experiences. statistics will tell you a fact about one person and a lie about another.

3. There is never all in every(except one case that I will mention in few). This is on both sides. SOME, MOST, MAJORITY, A FEW, SEVERAL. If ALL(320 million) lives truly mattered, Why is ok to end one? Why are you threaten by mine? Why do you feel the need to tell me that all lives matter, but applaud and officer taking one “to defend” his?

Blaming one group, one person, one thought, one action, one anything is wrong. We are all to blame for the state of affairs on this planet. We are ALL at fault for not doing more to make sure things are better for ourselves and OUR future. We are ALL connected in an unimaginable way. Your words and actions today will ripple through space and time and affect someone you don’t even know or will never meet.

One thing you will learn about me and I say this out of completely ignorance of ever being in a situation, I would never want nor do I have the desire to take another person’s life….. I will always be a firm believer of people’s unique ability to consciously adapt, change and grow. I have seen it enough times to know that it is possible. Everybody deserves a chance to change their destiny. I value every life because I will never know when that life will change mine. For better or worse.

Our biggest problem starts with our values and our morals as they were taught to us. Most white people who fail to understand why black people are the way they are, need only look back at the history of the treatment black people have endured. Yes, Yes, Yes, I know you’re tired of hearing about slavery, its effects, it wasn’t you who did it, I don’t treat you like that now, etc. I’m sure MORE than we are tired of being murdered and locked up(many unjustly I might add), undereducated( what keeps us locked up), poverty-stricken(Communities with people who don’t know how to use money to live only use money to survive), just over broke instead living a decent life, looked down upon, being called weak, ignorant, called out of our names, etc.

But take a moment………

……………………….compose yourself……………………………………..

BEFORE you answer these questions, DON’T cop-out with the following responses:

It’s in the past let it go – We’ll gladly “let it go” when we don’t feel like it still has some relevance to today’s current state of affairs. When we feel like you actually treat us like human beings and we ARE equal citizens. When we feel it, we believe it. When we believe it we act as such.

Don’t ANSWER a question with a question – this defeats the purpose of me asking you a question where I’m looking for a clear, simple, otherwise concise answer. Because I know some of you like to be smart asses, you may only ask a question to CLARIFY what is being asked.

Well my family overcame_______ farrakhan-talk-to-the-hand-thumb-400xauto-17731
– This is not about your family, your experience, your life, your struggles and concerns, BUT they are noted as relevant. answer the question presented.(Remember: no all in every EXCEPT IN ONE case which I have yet to address. Patience people didn’t anybody teach you that? Your life is extremely SINGULAR and PARTICULAR)

I did this, it took me, nobody helped me –

Bruh! AGAIN. Not relevant to the question. BUT relevant in that it is important to future changes.

Regain your composure…………………………… Breathe…………………………….. then ask yourself:

What have YOU done to correct the problems, at the source? (“whats the source Chris?”) That’s a great question! I’m glad you asked. Meaning, not going after the people, but going into the people. seeking the root causes. meaning killing the thoughts and feelings, NOT the people.

What have YOU done to right the wrongs of the past? (I’m aware that you did not commit wrongs as well as I’m aware that I have not had said wrongs committed against me) (Well, I haven’t done ______ is NOT an acceptable format to answer this question)

Do you feel like you are not responsible for the well-being of other people who need help? If so why? Do you expect others to be concerned about your well-being when you need help?

Has anyone made it a point of emphasis to help black people get on a track they were never allowed to be on? Has any group of people?

Do you know what effects slavery had on the black community? What about white people?

At what point in time did slavery stop having an effect on black people? What about white people? Who made that determination?

Do you know why all of a sudden in the 80’s black people became dangerous?
What about the years before? Were black people dangerous then too?

To My black people, I know why you do what you do. I don’t have to ask you why. I get it. Trust me. It’s hard, but we can do better. We are far from perfect and far from whole on the inside and out. It’s not all your fault, despite what you are told by people who look like you or people around you. I know you’re hurting. I know you’re struggle to stay alive and be happy. There are better ways and better days ahead. We have to KEEP working to get there. Persevere and Persist. Take time to find out who you are. IF you can’t take the time then make the time. Who you are is just as important as what you do. Keep learning and growing. Don’t settle, be great.

You ALL are the solution to this country’s problem.


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