What marriage means to me

Your words in the presences of the many witnesses become your creed. Your precious moment a memory to never be forgot and a hopeful future. These are a few of the prized possessions of a marriage ceremony. But what is marriage really?

the legally or formally recognized union of a man and a woman (or, in some jurisdictions, two people of the same sex) as partners in a relationship; a combination or mixture of two or more elements (union, alliance, fusion, mixture, mix, blend, amalgamation, combination, merger)

Unfortunately, no where in the definition above does it speak about love, honesty, trust, support, or other attributes. It is a legal term used for business purposes. It protects the rights of both parties as they maneuver through life with a common interest. So why then do we use it to measure love?

Marriage is the pennicale of love and affection. The highest form of expression of desire and the epitome of necessity of a human life. Yet in reality so little changes when you marry. Documents and titles but rarely do problems go away. They manifest in new ways. Questions become demands, time is the new currency, and happiness can take a backseat to “financial decisions. ” So much can go arie in a marriage that we often forget what was right to begin with. We lose sight of what’s really important during the power struggle. This is our best friend. Not our worse enemy. Someone who is hear to help not hinder. The one person in this world whom I trust with my life in it’s entirety; past present and future. Where did the love go? Was it there to begin with?

If you find yourself questioning your marriage, you need to reexamine your reasoning for taking those vows. Speak now or forever live in misery with the company you’ve chosen to keep. Accept your responsibility for better or worse.


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