All black everything


One of the many suggestions to solve the black struggle is for us to be a police free community. While some are rightfully skeptical, it’s actually a very plausible idea. It would minimize the police killings and allow us to develop our own civil system which we basically have already. We know our issues and people better than anyone else. For example, we know a lot of the murders that happen are in retaliation to arguments, someone getting in their feelings, baby momma drama, someone putting their hands on your female family member, or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Instead of having the family take action, The community would. We could kick them out of the area, refuse to hire or do business with them or have them go one on one with one of the enforcers. But this PFC is dependent on black people having enough control, influence, and support to back the decisions made and having people who are morally reliable. One the biggest challenges facing the black community is trusting one another. It used to be that you knew your neighbors and who could be trusted and with what, but with the gentrification of most black neighborhoods, the relationships have been severed or strained. These relationships came easily because of the proximity. New ones few and far between nor do they come as easily.



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