The Voice Of the Black Woman

There is something about it. It is unlike any other phenomena. It is unmatched in its effects. A gift and a curse. Much like a siren’s song, it can put you under a spell, and string you along. Or it can put you at such an ease that it make your eyes water from the pure joy and beauty. Happy Tears. There is no denying the Power of a Black woman. With the utter of a word she can have an army at her disposal. or in this day and age, a phone call. With a whisper, she can make a man do things against his own judgement as that still, small voice gets overthrown by a soft, gentle, “but Baby”. A tall strong man can buckle and bend to the will of a glance from a small, petite woman. Just the threat alone of hearing the black woman speak in distaste is enough to turn a man away. Think about when the street lights come on, Who’s voice echoes down the block?

And yet, most black women do not realize the power they have through their vocal cords…. So many abuse this endowment for selfish and personal gain when it could be used for so much more. I too often see women manipulate a man to get a reaction out of him, make him do things he knows aren’t right but he becomes overwhelmed by his emotions, or worse to tear him down. Your voice is so much more than a wrecking ball. It can be a cure for aliments. Speak life into people who has been told by the world that they are less than human and will never amount to anything. Watch as their eyes broaden, their chest flairs, their swagger builds. They will be moved to do something, but then it fades away as reality sets in. So you must be like the defibrillator.

You are a black woman. You were made to be a black woman for a reason. Do not fear your greatness. Do not shy away from who you were meant to be because it’s hard or it hurts. You are lovers, warriors, nurturers, patience, and thoughtful. You are the reason we exist today and can be gone tomorrow. The peace during the war but at the same time the reason we go to war. The warmth in the cold. The bosom others cry in.

Black Women, I understand you’re hurt too. I get it. Hurt people hurt people. I know how hard it is to not feel loved and then still give it. I know how hard it is to love a black man. I know how hard is to see black men waste away. But I also need you to understand, you are desperately needed. I need you to understand your words have power. You are everything to a black man and then some. Our world rest on your command and in your womb. Speak about what you want to bring about, and the black man will make it so.

By the way. I have something to say to black men too.


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