Lahren Logic

I’ve just finished watching Tomi Lahren’s interview on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah……  my my my how misinformed this woman is…..

I’ll tackle the task of talking you through the 14 min long video posted today on YouTube that already has over 90,000 views in a few hours and will probably have well over 200,000 by the time this is posted.

To get the full experience as if you were sitting next to me as I watched, use the time codes to read my comments on each topic that is about to be brought up….. This could take a while……..You ready? GO!

0:09 PAUSE! Yes that’s right not even ten seconds in this woman is referencing the show, that she agreed to come on, as the lion’s den…. Really now? This is one of those classic moments of something white people would do that black people wouldn’t but I’m not gonna say it…..but its interesting to me that before any words are spoken she is already in a defensive mindset? makes me think about all those people who say someone is attacking them during a disagreement…… by the way, she says why she chose to come on the show so listen carefully (Press play)

0:24-1:07 Trevor and the producers of the show couldn’t have chosen a better sound bite from Lahren’s Show The Blaze. She believes protesters are crybabies, whiners, and purposeless….That they don’t work to earn anything worth having because everything is handed to them(I.e. participation trophy)… I’m pretty sure most protesters don’t have it that easy otherwise they would be at home being lazy and enjoying all their participation rewards. Now, whether she, other people, or even yourself disagree with what they do for a living, I won’t argue. I don’t argue with people about their opinions. I simply ask questions for clarification, much like how Trevor handled this particular interview. Small side note: Poor people work more to earn less. Just… FYI.

1:13-1:53 Question: Why are you so angry?

I’ll keep it short; She’s angry because she doesn’t understand why other people are angry. NEEEXT!

1:55-2:15 PAUSE! You don’t really like Labels?


Label – a classifying phrase or name applied to a person or thing, especially one that is inaccurate or restrictive. Assign to a category, especially inaccurately or restrictively……. (Press Play)

2:30-2:55 Sooooooo when has she shown respect for Black Lives Matter???

3:22 At what point did BLM require a subscription??? As far as I know the events, protests, and riots, were open and anybody could walk up and be apart of it….

3:33 ONE man shot 5 officers… there was no effort on any protesters part to hurt let alone kill any officers. If that were the case, trust there would have been a lot more than 6 people killed that night…

3:50 I’m typing this because of the KKK…. see how silly that looks to speak for a group of people? Besides I’m a firm believer in not making excuses for your reactions to something that someone has said or done to you. I do not allow other people to dictate how I respond. I respond how I choose. You can too.

4:30 ummmmm……. I could have sworn BLM and Trump protesters were different sets of people….. I could be wrong though


Yeaaaaaaaa pretty sure they are protesting for different reasons however simultaneously. That can actually happen. Two thing can be happening at the same time and be completely unrelated. like shopping at Ross and driving in Vegas. Both filled with treasures, but of a different variety.

5:10 Now at this point, I can see that she isn’t here to answer any questions which actually defeats the purpose of an interview…. wait a minute….. Did she just say black people are 18 times more likely to shoot a police officer than the police officer is to shoot them?????? where the…… you know what? time for a statistics lesson



Statistics – the practice or science of collecting and analyzing numerical data in large quantities, especially for the purpose of inferring proportions in a whole from those in a representative sample.


In other words, statistics are only as good as the data that is COLLECTED and REPRESENTED. So if you have 12 black socks and 8 white socks, and I stick my hand in a drawer what are the chances I pull out a black sock? you would think 60% right? but what if you don’t tell me that you organize your socks by color and I happen to stick my hand in the drawer with all the black socks? if you pick the right statistics under the right circumstances, you can make them mean whatever you want. Also, I would guess that her numbers are based on limited factors and only on what’s reported. If you were a police officer in a black neighborhood with a high number of “random shootings” would you really have to report every time you use your gun?

Also the definition very clearly mentions the word: INFER. A lot of people missed out on hook-on Phonics so I’ll tell you the definition

INFER – deduce or conclude (information) from evidence and reasoning rather than from explicit statements.

Now is where I come to a crossroads …..I want to post a very particular comment for a slightly off beat laugh, but because this page will be under review by my teachers, colleagues, potential employers and clients. I’ll just say OG Maco and let you listen at your own discretion. It’s out of my hands now.

5:35 I believe she isn’t a bad person and honestly doesn’t have ill intentions.  She is just very ignorant in that bubble of hers. People like her criticize black people, yet have never been to a black…. well anything. They have such a narrow perspective of what it’s like to be black (or poor for those are can appreciate and tell the difference) and a shallow understanding of why black people are the way we are today. Worse still is that with all the criticizing, labeling, judgement, opinions, and ” undeniable facts”, very few people like her and that look like her are doing anything for people who look like me. I’m not talking about government obligations either. I mean actually being a physical presence, talking to people, listening to people, helping people, smiling at people, not condemning people to hell for making poor choices that they disagree with because some just don’t know any other way. I say all that to say, Be quiet, Be silent, shut up if you are not going to do anything. Talk is cheap as the president-elect is demonstrating.

If people are not in the struggle with us then they are on the outside looking down, whether they want to admit that or not. They live in a space where the burdens weigh a little more and take a heavier toll. There are some struggles in this world they and many others will probably never ever experience that many others must battle with everyday and they are expected to be appreciative because it could be worse…..Many are living while others are fighting to survive and half the time it’s due to no fault of their own.

6:20-7:25 Trevor Got it. Nothing else needs to be said about the Color blind Committee

7:30 That same fear Larhen has; That same concern about what next is what generations of black people have experienced in this country. Welcome to the other side. Just think, no one has laid a finger on her and she feels that way. Imagine watching it up close. Imagine it happening to you, your parents, your family, and dear friends. It would be traumatizing for you for the rest of your life. You would tell stories to your kids and about how to not let that happen to them and when they still experience it themselves( because the reality is you cannot stop it from outside sources), they will tell their kids of the eerily similar stories that grandma and grandpa shared and experienced. Can you see it now?

8:20 – 10:50 Didn’t answer the question…. Skip ahead unless you want a few good laughs from Trevor’s witty comments.

10:55 YES! SHUT UP! Not because you’re white, but because you’re ignorant….. You don’t know what is going on. If you don’t understand why complain? What possible plausible reason could you have to speak on something you don’t understand AND you’re not going to do anything about? It’s like going to a football game and complaining that it’s boring, but you won’t leave the game just to complain. SHUT UP! Listen or ask questions, then maybe you’ll learn something. Why do so many white people think their opinion matters on black issues if they aren’t helping to fix them? For the life of me I will never understand that.

11:00 – 14:08

Me at this point…..


Still hasn’t answered…….. If you really wanted to know “the why” stop ducking the answers because they’re right in your face. The real gem from her though is she has nothing to complain about that badly. Nothing in her life is worth protesting about. That’s what we call White privilege. You have no major concerns or worries with the government or mistreatment that you are unable to overcome or go around or call a lawyer for. Yeaaaaa most poor people are not that fortunate….

In Conclusion, I hope that my transcript of the shorten version of the Tomi Lahren interview (Click here for the link to the Full Episode) has given you some insight into some of the misunderstandings and misinformation that limit our growth and interactions as citizens. Feel free to share and comment to let know what you think!



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