Standing On Common Ground

After some thought and so many questions running through my mind, I decided to take steps to put them together and make them mean something. I’m calling this project #StandingOnCommonGround. The purpose of this project is the bridge the gap between people from as many walks of life as I possibly can, help those who have been hurt by those on the other side of the discussions start the process of healing those wounds, provide other with the understanding of how to get to the heart of someone’s intentions and also be clear and understand their own.

Too often we ask others to have values and morals, yet we don’t have the same or any at all ourselves. Or that’s the perceptions.  We start our conversations often in the wrong mindset for constructive, positive outcomes.

Questions I often ask people will make them question themselves so much that they start to thing that I believe I’m better than, smarter than, or above them. But, it’s quite the opposite. This is what I mean by understanding someone’s intentions. My intention in questioning you is to make you uncomfortable enough to think outside of what is comfortable and what your experiences tell you to think. We are truly conditioned to think that it’s ok to murder someone even though we ourselves would hate to see someone we love murdered, Black is bad and white is good, Money is the most important thing, and that not caring about other people is acceptable.

Our problems are rooted in the lack of value we have for each other and the lack of understanding and amount of ignorance we allow ourselves to live in. In example, too many Americans think the government is more powerful than the people. A few thousand thoughts, feelings, words, and actions have more power than those of millions. In my opinion they don’t. I could be wrong. Another issues we face. We hate to be wrong. We have been trained to think having the right answers is more important….  That being the best and the smartest is more important than how you talk to and treat people. It’s timer to change that. It’s time to change the world!


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