The Stranger

Wow! What a moving story! I couldn’t stop reading and bored it wouldn’t end like that….. great writing

The Complexity of Art


What started off as a peaceful protest had quickly turned into a violent riot. The crowd roared as chaos swallowed the street. Some people stood by gawking without so much as a helping hand. Others continued on participating in the madness as if nothing had happened. Glass shattered as baseball bats and angry fists came crashing down on nearby cars. A black Cadillac had been turned on its side not a 100 feet from us. I wanted to move him further away from the street but I couldn’t risk causing more damage.

“What’s taking them so long,” I said to myself, searching the thick crowd for the ambulance.

My knees pressed into the concrete as I crouched down to protect him and apply pressure to the wound. The metallic smell of his blood seeped from my drenched shirt causing me to gag. My eyes watered as I tried to maintain…

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