Emotional Rollercoaster

You can tell me a lot of things but you can never tell me how to feel. Too often people’s emotional responses are misinterpreted as “disrespect” or disregard, yet many fail to realize like lifestyle choices, ¬†everything is not for you nor about you or your personal choices and experiences. If my emotional expressions are […]

All black everything

One of the many suggestions to solve the black struggle is for us to be a police free community. While some are rightfully skeptical, it’s actually a very plausible idea. It would minimize the police killings and allow us to develop our own civil system which we basically have already. We know our issues and […]

The Voice Of the Black Woman

There is something about it. It is unlike any other phenomena. It is unmatched in its effects. A gift and a curse. Much like a siren’s song, it can put you under a spell, and string you along. Or it can put you at such an ease that it¬†make your eyes water from the pure […]

What marriage means to me

Your words in the presences of the many witnesses become your creed. Your precious moment a memory to never be forgot and a hopeful future. These are a few of the prized possessions of a marriage ceremony. But what is marriage really? MARRIAGE the legally or formally recognized union of a man and a woman […]

Who’s to Blame?

The argument of whether black lives matter, all lives matter, black lives matter less, all lives matter more, will go forever. It is a matter of opinion. One of the many things I’ve learned over the course of my interactions, Opinions don’t matter. They hold only the weight of what you put on them, expect […]

The “What Ifs”

Too often, people forget or bury the past. Ignorance has become the new common sense. My my, How they forget. The torture that took place. The crimes that were committed that will never be served the proper justice; and these were crimes. Destruction of property at the time because you couldn’t call it murder, yet […]

What is white priveldge?

Through my experiences in trying to educate mostly fair skinned individuals, one of several questions comes up. What exactly is white privilege? To assist those I came up with this list of things that people who lack color (by definition, but not by expressions) are benefitted with simple because of where they come from. White […]